Real-Time Marketing: A Wave of Anticipated Creativity

Real-Time Marketing: A Wave of Anticipated Creativity

Following trends always comes with a wave of anticipated creativity, as brands are always looking to capitalize on opportunities to support trending topics. From social issues to sporting events, brands are alert and ready to post content that embraces a trend and introduce their company to the conversation.

This past Fourth of July marked the first Independence Day to be celebrated in a country that recognizes same-sex marriages from coast to coast. On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage, which caused millions to showcase their support for this decision both on the streets and on social media. As the celebrations broke out, the decision became a major win, but not just for the LGBTQ community – The decision allowed for big brands to show their pride by putting their programmatic advertising tools to the test with the launches of several commercials, logos, and more.

Twitter blew up right away using #LoveWins, and Snapchat created a live breaking news event story that documented different celebrations from around the country. All kinds of companies from Buzzfeed and MTV to P&G and American Airlines altered their logos  to have the pride flag, and individual Facebook users followed suit. Branded content from companies such as Jell-O, MasterCard, and Maytag was launched soon after, which even shined a light on pride month celebrations from apps like Uber.

The celebrations came full circle on July 5th when the United States Women’s Soccer team reclaimed the title as World Cup champions. Before Abby Wambach could run to kiss her wife in celebration, social media blew up the same way it did just a week before especially on Twitter and Snapchat. Again, big brands like Nike reaped the benefits of an American victory through the launch of various ads including one that that aired shortly after the final whistle. The win was also a good time for companies like Nationwide to show off their new spokeswoman, forward Alex Morgan, and their #BandTogether marketing campaign.

The Court’s decision and the team’s victory are enough to celebrate, but the immediate influx of company marketing participation in both opportunities is a prime example of how creative brands can be in real-time.

As we discussed in our previous post, programmatic advertising is the digital curtailing of advertisements to users in a particular area or, in this case, to users who use a particular hashtag. Because someone tweeted #MarriageEquality, #USWNT, or #USAvJPN a user was more likely to see a promoted content tweet like those linked above. Consider SkyyVodka’s #ToastToMarriage, or Nike Soccer’s #NoMaybes. It is through the automated technology of programmatic advertising that companies pursued participation in these trends.


Nevertheless, it was obvious that companies would jump into a conversation that everyone was having and even more so for choosing to be on the right side of history.