Technology at its core is disruptive, creating ripples in how we function in our daily lives. This disruption can be taken in one of two ways; you either embrace it or get run over and left behind by it. Your choice.

Changing or actually growing with it is the only real option. We can quote the clichéd “it makes things easier” but that’s not always true. It can make things very complex, but usually this complexity creates useful outcomes. Take the smartphone for example. Before phones became smart, using a phone was easy: turn it on, dial and wait for someone to pick up. Now smartphones are complex things that can check the weather, balance your checkbook and tell you the name of the song that’s playing on the radio, all at the same time. But require a learning curve that certain segments of the population aren’t ready for.

Ah, but if you breathe technology you also understand that there are those who aren’t ready to take such deep breaths along with you. That’s where the importance of UX design comes into play—User Experience Design—which is, creatively and strategically presenting new technology to your target audience, making it a lot less disruptive… and that’s where we come into play!


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