The Apple Watch, what’s been said and heard about the latest tech from Apple.

The Apple Watch, what’s been said and heard about the latest tech from Apple.

It has officially arrived! The most coveted tech device of the season (or the year), if we take into account the 2 million shoppers, who rushed to make their pre-orders so they could receive the first batch of watches, and that’s just here in the US. The Apple Watch is not only the most anticipated wearable, but it is expected to make a significant mark on the future of smartwatches. But enough of the hoopla, and let’s get down to business and discuss what’s really behind the most sought after wearable.

Fitness focus
As we reach the middle of the year, and our New Year’s health resolutions are long gone from our minds, the Apple Watch’s engaging fitness features might be exactly what we need to kick us right back into shape. This feature, keeps track of all your activities, including your exercise, your active calories burned as well as your resting calories burned, which then engages you to move for at least 1 minute every hour, and that’s a big feat for all of us who sit down for 8 hours a day.

Easy pay = Apple Pay
In this day and age, less is more. And when all you have to remember is to put your Apple Watch on as you rush out the door, then that makes life a whole lot easier. With the Apple Watch, once you add your credit card information, you won’t even need to have your actual iPhone near you in order to pay at the register. Now that’s what you call convenience.

Handless connection
With the Apple Watch, you’ll be able to talk, text, send audio messages, and ask Siri where the nearest pizza joint is, all without having to reach into your pocket for your phone. And a cool feat available only amongst Apple Watch users is the walkie-talkie function, and the Digital Touch feature, which allows hand-drawn messages to be sent, along with your digital heartbeat by the simple touch of 2 fingers on the screen.

Face personalization
Apart from the different editions, material finishes, and bands available for your Apple Watch, the options for customizing the watch face are endless. You have the ability to choose exactly what you want on it, how you want it and where you want it. And it’s so simple; you can change the design of your watch face everyday, including the new Apple feat called Glances, which allows you to add weather, reminders, calendar, activity modes and even the different moon phases right onto the face of your watch.

Unlimited app accessibility
With over 3,000 apps already created before the actual release of the Apple Watch, you have access to do anything and everything you would on your iPhone, right from the comfort of your own wrist. From Twitter to Instagram, to GPS navigation and even listening to your favorite tunes, we think that this gadget might just become our new favorite toy.

We think this is just the beginning of wearable gadgets… Where do you think technology will take us next?