South by Southwest (SXSW), came and went, and definitely left us wanting more. Austin, Texas was the place to be during the 2-week event featuring the best of music, technology, and film. Surprise appearances and fire-breathing drones kept us on our tiptoes throughout the event, and we simply can’t wait for next year. But before we start booking our flights for SXSW 2016, we decided to give you a quick recap of our favorite moments from this year’s SXSW.

Phone-charging St. Bernards

Mophie, the company behind the reliable back-up battery cases for smartphones partnered up with the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation to rescue any and all conference goers whose phone’s were running out of battery. All those in need of a charge, just had send out their location using the Glympse app and these mobile doggy-chargers were sent to the rescue. We really couldn’t think of anything better than having some furry friends come to our rescue for a quick recharge.

Tyrone the Drone

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Tyrone the Drone! During the conference’s interactive session, the development & software design studio, Chaotic Moon, pushed the limits by presenting their very own flame-throwing drone. That’s right, Tyrone the drone not only breathes fire, but it also sprays paint and silly string to any perpetrator who stands in its way.

Meerkat vs Twitter. Round 1. Fight.

The Meerkat and Twitter battle was a main highlight during the conference, due to the timing of events. Meerkat, the live-streaming app that launched 2 weeks prior to SXSW, was locked out of Twitter on the first day of the conference due to the following conflict of interest. Meerkat was initially launched to have their users exclusively tweet a link of their live-stream videos to their followers through Twitter; while Twitter, the social network powerhouse, simultaneously announced the $100 million acquisition of Periscope, which is Meerkat’s direct competitor. Although it may appear that Meerkat chose the wrong timing to launch their app, due to this Twitter lock-out, they’ve gained a strong following from many Silicone Valley venture capitalists and Hollywood stars, such as Jimmy Fallon and Ashton Kutcher, that has led to the company raising $14 million for funding in less than a week. Watch out Periscope, we think Meerkat might be coming for blood.

Surprise screening of “Furious 7”

During the Film session of the conference, attendees we’re brought in for a ride when they were surprised with a screening of the soon-to-be released movie, “Furious 7”. The film’s producer, Neal Moritz made an appearance not only to interact with excited fans, but also to encourage fans to keep the film’s plot under wraps from other fans, primarily because of the franchise’s change of story direction due to the tragic loss of actor Paul Walker.

SXSW Music Festival

Since the origins of SXSW, the music festival portion of the conference has grown immensely, bringing musicians of different genres to the stage. From hip-hop to rock to electronica, the best of the best showcased their talents and had a blast doing so. Some of our favorite acts included: Ludacris, Young Rising Sons, A-trak, AWOLNATION, B.O.B, and Paperhaus amongst others.

SXSW embodies exactly what we’re all about, here at InspiraD3. We always hope to give you a good dose of creative strategy, and we’re here anytime you want to talk shop or if you have any questions. So don’t be shy, and give us a call, tweet, DM, or email us!