Our highlights from eMerge Americas 2015

Our highlights from eMerge Americas 2015

The technology and business community of South Florida were beaming with joy at the arrival of the second annual eMerge Americas Conference, that was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center during the first week of May. With over 10,000 attendees and 500 companies from over 50 countries, Miami is surely picking up on the tech fever that’s going around, becoming the center stage for technology innovations on an international level. eMerge Americas became a tech-filled playground for conference-goers, where they not only enjoyed an insight into the industry’s most transformational advances but they also got to mingle with the industry’s elite and celebrities alike. Here are our favorite moments from this year’s eMerge Americas Conference.

Keynote Speakers & Judges

From the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh to José Maria Zas, President of American Express, to author Deepak Chopra, and finally Mr. World Wide himself, Armando Pérez aka Pitbull, the impressive list of speakers wowed the conference attendees and gave them the opportunity to directly engage with them through contests and Q & A sessions.

Startup Showcase Contest

The best of the best gathered at the Startup Showcase Contest, with plenty of contestants showcasing their valued start-up companies and the on-looking attendees oohing and ahhing at all the innovative ideas. The companies that came up on top were, VSN Mobile, the world’s only 360 HD action camera who won $100,000; the second winner was Symptify, the symptom based healthcare site, who won $50,000; and last prize went to Joox Music, who won $25,000 for their rewards based music stock exchange company.


Combining the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, this summit was targeted at students and encouraged their participation in exhibiting their tech talents. Students competed and showed off their very own hand-built robots and environmentally friendly Green Designs. This summit not only highlighted the most gifted students and their work, but also gave us some insight on what the future holds if we leave it in the hands of these brilliant kids.


Who knew hackers could hack for the better good AND get paid. Well at this year’s conference that’s exactly what happened. With only 24 hours to come up with impactful solutions for some of Facebook’s applications and software, these hackers got to work on their project. And this year’s winners were… Team Drawables! They created a drawing app for Facebook, where users can have some fun drawing and doodling on their selfies and pictures posted. The Drawables App will soon be available for download.

Tech, tech, TECHNOLOGY

The technology. Simple as that. The passion for technology that the attendees and participants have running through their veins and oozing out of their pores is what made this conference one-of-a-kind. The thought that the ideas and innovations displayed during this event, are pushing the limits to groundbreaking technology and paving the way for a new world is simply exciting. From the technology we witnessed at this year’s event like 3-D printing or surgical robots and flying drones, we’re literally counting down the days until next year’s eMerge Americas Conference!

We definitely have tech fever, and we simply can’t get enough of it! But because there was so much cool stuff going on during the conference, call, tweet, or email us, to let us know if we missed out on your top moments of eMerge Americas 2015!