Social media can be seen (and sold) as a complicated, mystifying process that only a few can comprehend and actually work with – in other words, it’s magic. Or so you’re led to think even as you have your neighbor’s kid surfing through the “socialmediaverse” with ease. It’s like he’s mocking you! The reason he is able to live in the “socialmediaverse” so comfortably is because he is using social media outlets as a consumer who is picking up information that you, as the content provider, set forth for him to view and react to. YOU are the one producing content, initiating the conversation, whereas HE is merely walking into your space and picking up on it. Reading (or skimming through) the stuff is easy. Creating the content and deploying it correctly is where things can get hairy. But putting it all together is not as mind numbingly difficult as you might think. With a little planning and a couple of social media “must do’s” you should be on your way to social media Nirvana—or at least you’ll stop hating your neighbor’s kid.

I work my clients’ social media marketing strategies in a way that I feel is manageable, even for those with the least amount of in-house staff. In doing so, I am always reflecting on how to demystify the process even more, so that it may become something they can ease into and feel confident working with.

From my strategies, I’ve gathered a list of 6 must-do’s for your social media program, so that you, too, can become a social media magician:


1) Online Reputation management – take it seriously

When was the last time you Googled yourself? Everyone is their own personal brand, whether they like it or not. And truth be told, you might be a wonderful person IRL (In Real Life) – but if there is any negativity online that you don’t want people to see, then you need to work to suppress that. Cream rises to the top but shit floats so your job is to make sure the cream rises just a little bit higher. The only way to do this is with consistent, quality content.


2) Mobile Matters

Always consider mobile as part of the design plan when designing for the web.


3) Properly planned posts (try saying that ten times fast!) make Social Media management easier

Unless your social media calendar is properly set-up, you will not be able to keep up with multiple posts. With your overall strategy in mind, try staggering your posts across different social media outlets in a way that works for each individual one. That way, properly planned posts can perform positively for your purpose.


4) Follow the 70/30 rule

When planning your posts, remember that 70% of them should be informational content relating to your brand, and 30% should be marketing-type links. If more than 30% of your posts are marketing-type links, then you’re likely spamming and/or annoying your audience.


5) Follow the three “E’s” in Social media for success

Educate. Entertain. Engage. Don’t patronize your audience.


6) Be good at one thing

Depending on your industry, pick the platform that best suits it and work it well. If you have a choice between working five social media outlets poorly or just one well, choose the one and go for it..


With these simple guidelines, planning and deploying your posts should be a smooth and manageable process.


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