As a digital agency, we look to stay ahead of trends and remain informed at all times. Just last week, we took part in Social Media Week Miami so we could connect with local industries and see what’s trending. Luckily for us, being cutting edge is in our DNA – so the conversations became less about education and more about integration.

The InspiraD3 team still found some interesting information about the third dimension that is social media, so we compiled our notes and decided to share them. Enjoy!

Social Engagement Is Key

Social media is about dialogue, not collecting a semi-interested following. If your community engages with you, be sure to respond – preferably in a timely fashion. As a consumer, you follow brands on social media to remain connected to their voice, brand, and products. That connection entitles you to become part of a conversation regarding a product, photo, or message through various platforms.

The Designing the New Sports Fan Experience with Social Media panel provided some well-rounded insight on social engagement from the perspective of a team’s social voice. In the past, newspapers, television and radio have served as a sports team’s biggest news provider. Today, breaking stories and updates are tweeted and referenced by Interactive Directors across all sports teams via social media. Now, although they interact and participate in conversations, each approach to a message is done so very strategically.

For example, the Miami Heat would love to talk to fans about a certain star player leaving the team, but even if they do follow you on social media, they are still an extension of the front office and cannot confirm or deny rumors. In other words, they have to keep their conversations light and factual, as opposed to overly playful and misguiding. Social media directors are the voice of a brand, or team, and control framing the conversations around it. That being said, it must be remembered to remain consistent with the brand personality – something we discuss later in this blog.

Making a Difference In A Social World

Social Media is often times seen as a way to communicate interpersonal news at a very social level. With an opportunity to communicate with anyone at anytime comes the ability to form a unified voice across cities, states, and countries.

Social activism has never had the reach it does today, and pushing a movement has truly benefited from connecting with others through all social platforms. Philanthropic endeavors are now louder than ever! Non-profit organizations and charities alike are utilizing the force behind social media to push information forward that educates, inspires, and motivates others to act and make a difference – one that has an impact far beyond a hashtag or retweet.

We Appreciate Authenticity

Authenticity is the key to being successful in any form of social engagement; be it in person or “on the line.” It doesn’t matter if you are talking to your best friend face-to-face, or through Facebook, it is always important to stay true to who you are as a person, and in our case, as a brand.

Consumers want to connect with a brand on a more personal level, more so than traditional broadcast media – as we mentioned before. It’s important for a brand to show personality while pushing content that does not veer away from what consumers have come to associate with a brand.

Miami is a Great Place to Connect

It’s an exciting time for social media and we are thankful to have been a part of #SMWMiami! Last week, it was made very apparent that our fellow Miamians are hard at work to connect with the city, the world, and beyond.

As InspiraD3, we enjoyed connecting and taking some #InspiraD3selfies with everyone at #SMWMiami. We even handed out some Pebble Smartwatches to a few excited followers.

Only time will tell what is new and trending in social media, but at InspiraD3, we take pride in remaining informed, connected, and trending all of the time.



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