Airbnb’s release of its rebranded company logo generated a social media frenzy last week. Half of the company’s followers scratched their heads and wondered if this was an inappropriate joke. The other half simply laughed and tweeted their own conclusions about what they believed the logo resembled. At InspiraD3, we’re just wondering if we should hide our mobile screens when we start up our Airbnb mobile app. Sacha Greif, a well-known designer from Paris and creator of the logo, claims the intention of the logo is to correlate a sense of “belonging” and evoke a mother’s womb. He defends his design, adding that it’s Airbnb’s way of linking the lodging they provide with “the ultimate symbol of a safe, warm, and welcoming place.” Airbnb would agree that they wanted to promote a sense of belonging or community, but claim they could have never thought this logo would be so ridiculed and compared to parts of the human anatomy.

Most people on social media think the logo redesign was a failed idea, and the discussion is still a topic on Twitter, but before your cynical mind gets the better of you, (as it did ours temporarily),  watch the video released by Airbnb explaining their thinking behind the new logo. It changed our mind. We now think the logo pretty accurately communicates the company’s brand pillars: people, places and love. While yes, being slightly provocative!

The company is holding on to the design despite the “unforeseen media backlash.” We think that’s a great move. As any marketing or PR professional knows, even bad publicity is still publicity, and it always tends to drive sales.

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