Meet your marketing partners.  A long-time team, we work well together, and with others.

No divas.  Although we do have a genuine rock star.


Eric Zamorano

Eric has spent the past 10 years as agency producer/editor, but we know he’s been living la vida video for a lot longer. Actually, “I have been making videos since I was very young. Most people try to make videos to make other people laugh. I make them to make myself laugh. MacGyver and Knight Rider are my biggest inspirations.” We totally see that in him.

At Inspira D3, Eric oversees all aspects of video production – producing, directing and editing. No matter what he does, Eric always tries to do every project “better and faster and cheaper than the previous job.” Obviously, clients love him for this. We love him for something else – he makes us laugh.


Mauricio Aguilera

Mauricio Aguilera is our 3D graphic animator, High End Post Production Artist, SFX Supervisor and an amazing creative talent. By the age of 13 he was developing his drawing, painting and sculpting skills.

He was part of the creative team for feature film promotions for Fox and Warner Brothers in Chile before moving to Miami. The next thing you know, he’s shooting commercials with high speed cameras and delivering visual and special effects for artists including Gloria Estefan, R. Kelly, T.I., Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, and Juanes as well as for commercials around the world.

Mauricio is also a real rock star, one of the original members of the band Rekiem. Serious air time on NYC radio. Packed stadiums in Santiago. And astonishingly modest about the whole thing.